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K60 s19 file generation

Question asked by Lee Penn on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by Erich Styger



My true goal is to combine my bootloader and application into a single image where I can use a P & E micro to program during production. I am using CW 10.6 and GCC compiler. I can use the P & E Micro to create a programmer image from the elf output and each individual image works. I have tried using the create flash image as srec to generate an s19, and the burner.bbl to create an s19 image. Neither of the s19 images work using the image creation utility from P & E as individual images. I noticed that there are extra options using the Burner.exe utility and the burner dialog that there are options for using bit width, swap bytes and srecord configuration. Since I have been unable to find the pdf for the utility, I can not seem to find the correct combination of settings to generate a proper file, and even more important use the win_blsrconv.exe to combine them.


if anyone has any insight I would appreciate the help.