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Hardware accelerated Java machine (JRE) for i.MX53 ...

Question asked by Flavio Suligoi on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by Flavio Suligoi

Hi all,


I need information about how/where to find an hw accelerate JRE, with a browser plugin for Firefox/Chromium/Midori, for the i.MX53.


I have to use a web browser on an i.MX53 board, to visualize some pages from a web server. These pages require an Oracle JRE (unfortunately these pages doesn't work with OpenJDK)


I tested all the system with Firefox, Midori and Chromium using both the Oracle ejre1.6.0_38 and the ejre1.7.0_10 (with their web browser plugin), and all of them work, but very very slowly.

Some pages require tens of seconds before a complete visualization and the jre process takes the 99% of the CPU.


So I hope to find a JRE able to take advantage of the hw Java acceleration of the i.MX53 processor (Jazelle, ThumEE, ...), but I didn't find anything yet.

Did someone find a this kind of JRE ?


Thanks and best regards,