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Setup IrDA communication on UART0 (K60N)

Question asked by Hans Krebs on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by Adrian Cano

Hi everybody,


I'm trying to setup IrDA communication on UART0 (K60N) but having some difficulties.

Maybe someone can help me out?



1.) I'm wiring UART0_TX to the internal photodiode by setting PTD7 to ALT3 which sets PTD7 = UART0_TX.

2.) Now I want to UART0 to input from the internal photoresistor PTC6. Therefore, I guess, I somehow need to set PTC6 = UART0_RX.

But how do I accomplish that?


Since PTC6 is hard-wired with the comparator CMP0_IN0, I rather have to wire CMP0_OUT = UART_RX, is that right?

So, what are the correct Pins to be wired together?


By now, I found out the following:


There are two pins, PTC5 and PTB20 which I can set to ALT6 to get  = CMP0_OUT.

Does that help anyhow?


And there are 4 Pins, which can be set to UART0_RX:

    => PTA1 ALT2

    => PTA15 ALT3

    => PTB16 ALT3

    => PTD6 ALT3


But I still have no idea how to wire UART0's input with the photoresistor's output, i.e. how to set CMP0_OUT = UART_RX.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Thank you!