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Discrepancies between iMX6 Platform SDK and RMs

Question asked by Michel Verhagen on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2014 by Michel Verhagen

I see quite a few discrepancies between the iMX6 Platform SDK header files and the RMs.


Just one example to show what I mean:


iMX6DQ RM pdf page 936, CCM_ANALOG_MISC2n register, shows AUDIO_DIV_LSB on bit 15 and AUDIO_DIV_MSB on bit 23, but the platform SDK header file (\sdk\include\mx6dq\registers\regspmu.h) show bit 15 and 23 as reserved.


Which one should I trust?


I think the platform SDK is final, but in that case someone might want to update the RMs because I found a lot of these discrepancies between the iMX6(SDL/DQ) RMs and the platform SDK files.