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XGATEv3 breakpoint raising an access violation interrupt request to HCS12XE core

Question asked by Nimish Tambe on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by HSW



I've been playing with the HCS12SXE XGATEv3 for a while now.


Currently, I'm facing this odd issue, where the XGATE code seems to run fine: I've set up a GPIO pin toggle to check and see if the XGATE ISR is entered and executed correctly, and on the scope I see the GPIO pin toggling fine.


However, if I place a breakpoint at any part of the XGATE ISR, the XGATE raises an access violation interrupt request (non-maskable) to the HCS12XE core and halts code execution.


The original codebase uses Processor Expert. XGATE capabilities are now being added in.


Any ideas, on what could be possibly happening? Everything else checks out - XGATE vector table is correctly set, memory sections and code/data is aligned correctly on even boundaries.


Thanks in advance.