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OCD Commander

Question asked by Kotteeswaran G S on May 15, 2014
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This is Kotteeswaran from Prevas India.


We bought USB Wiggler for imx6 from Macraigor, we are planning to use OCD Commander for our



I did the following:


I have created MACRO file to initialise the DDR3 and then I loaded UBOOT elf file,

It is showing Memory Read Error <DDR3  Memory address>


We have used BDI3000, we can debug it and initialise DDR3 without any issues,

we would like to know what is the issue with OCD commander?


I understand we need to create Macro file for initialisation OR Is there any way other than this, to configure RAM using OCD commander.


Please reply ASAP.





Kotteeswaran G S