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uClinux on 547x (m5475evb test board)

Discussion created by Luigi Mantellini on Aug 27, 2007
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I have some (stupid) questions about uclinux and the m5475evb.

1) Is this board supported by uClinux? (I found the m5475evb target... by the created image doesn't start)
2) Can I use the gcc-4.1.0-based tool-chain proposed on

To create the linux image, I inserted the following commands sequence:
cd ucLinux-distmake xconfig # Selecting just the M5475evb targetmake # create the image.bin in tftpboot directory

(I selected kernel 2.6.0 w/ uclibc)

 on the dBoot shell:
dBUG> dnDownloading Image 'image.bin' from transfer completed Read 2128900 bytes (4159 blocks)dBUG> go 0x20000

After the "go 0x20000" command the board seems frozen...

Can you help me? This is my first experience with coldfire/uclinux systems (and embedded systems in general).



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