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GPMI imx6, unable to get a data line to move

Question asked by Brian Norman on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by DHANUNJAY KATTA

I'm trying to write a nand driver for an iMX6Q for Green Hills.  I'm down to the very basics and I'm having difficulties getting even a reset command to work.  I've figured out the APBH DMA set up and it appears to be working.  When i try to issue a reset to my NAND, I get my CE and CLE lines to work properly, but the data lines never move.  In the flash controller, after attempting the reset command, the GPMI_STAT indicates a RDY_TIMEOUT on Dev0.

It almost behaves like it is attempting to communicate in synchronous mode, but my nand is asynchronous, and according to the timing diagrams, won't toggle the R/B line until after the reset is complete, which it is not doing because the command was never sent.  i have verified that GPMI_CTRL1 SSYNCMODE is not asserted, and APBH_BAR is pointing to the reset command(and just incase it was reading word aligned, i filled all neighboring ram with the same command, 0xff).


Am i placing the command in the correct location, is there some other flag that i need to set for asynchronous mode?