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tip on how to build Kinetis SDK in Linux

Discussion created by Maclain Lobdell Employee on May 14, 2014


The new Kinetis SDK 1.0 Beta supports building and debugging on Linux systems.  I just got it to build on mine.  Just required a very simple modification to a single file to tell it where my gcc compiler is located.


I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with arm gcc 4.7.4 installed  to /usr/arm-none-eabi/


In the KSDK folder /mk/, edit the file file.

ensure this section is un-commented, and change the path to the appropriate path where arm-none-eabi is installed on your machine.  For me it is /usr/



CC_VERSION := 4.7.4


now cd into the directory of the app you want to build


mac@mac-VirtualBox:$ cd ../apps/hello_world/gcc/frdmk64f120m/


and type make


mac@mac-VirtualBox:$ make
Compiling apps/hello_world/src/hello_world.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/gpio_pins.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/hardware_init.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/pin_mux.c
Assembling platform/startup/MK64F12/gcc/startup_MK64F12.S
Compiling platform/startup/MK64F12/system_MK64F12.c
Compiling platform/startup/startup.c
Linking hello_world
Output ELF:
Output binary:


See info on setting up gcc & gdb toolchain

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