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MKL02Z16VFK4 PTB2 pin assignment and default state

Question asked by clive palmer on May 14, 2014
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I have just started using the Freescale MKL part. I want to be able to disable and enable my UART0 TX, leaving the pin in a disabled state when disabled. I am using the MKL02Z16VFK4. I am using PTB2 for my UART0 TX functionality. From the reference manual I believe PTB2 pin assignment default state is ADC0_SE4 out of reset. Am I correct in assuming that I cannot disable this pin functionality using MUX(0) and that this will only set the pin back to  ADC0_SE4 functionality? If I configure the pin as UART0 TX i.e. MUX(3) then is disabling the TX with the TE bit sufficient and the only disable option? What state is the pin left in if I do this?