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mk60fn1m0vlq12 vs mk60fn1m0vlq15

Question asked by aroste on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by aroste

Hi all,


I come to you to verify my doubts.  I use to work on my project, that comes in final development part, with the mk60fn1m0vlq12 device.  It seems this is not available anymore from the dealers and on freescale website they recommend to use the mk60fn1m0vlq15 now.


I work with CW 10.5 and MQX4.0.1.


I checked and the only difference should be the internal core clock that works until 150Mhz. 


My question are:


- Do i have to update anything in my code to handle this or the code for the mk60fn1m0vlq12 will work the same?

- If changes needed, Is it enough to configure this MCU by using the PE interface by selecting the good one ?

- something else?


Thanks for your support.