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How to use DFlash in MQX4.1?

Question asked by wangpengcheng wangpengcheng on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by wangpengcheng wangpengcheng

How to use DFlash in MQX4.1?My hardware platform is TWR-K20D72M DEMO V1.0! Flashx drive contains only the PFalsh with FlexRAM, I added a block address DFlash inside,and changes the ftfl_flash_erase_sector and ftfl_flash_write_sector function in command_array [1] = (uint8_t) (write_addr >> 16) | (uint8_t) (((write_addr >> 21) & 0x00000080)); but now the situation is that to read and write is no problem, but it does not erase Falsh sector !MyPlase help me!