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About the VDDD voltage of iMX28

Question asked by yuuki on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Yuri Muhin

Would you teach about the voltage of VDDD?


According to the schematic of MX28EVK, the DCDC_VDDD output of i.MX28 is directly inputted into VDDD0-6 of i.MX28.

And, according to a datasheet, when the CPU frequency is set as 454 MHz, Recommended Operating Conditions of VDDD is 1.55V.

The VDDD Supply voltage spec. is the following.
- Digital Core Supply Voltage(VDDD) is Max 1.55V
- Output Voltage Accuracy of VDDD is from -3%  to +3%.


However, Digital Core Supply Voltage of Absolute Maximum Rating is Max 1.55V.

In this case, 1.55V +3% is 1.5965V.


I think that spec. has inconsistency.


When operating CPU at 454 MHz, may we use VDDD=1.55V(+3%: 1.5965V)?

I am referring to the following parts of a datasheet.
- Table 6. DC Absolute Maximum Ratings (P.12)
- Table 8. Recommended Power Supply Operating Conditions (P.13)
- Table 13. Power Supply Characteristics (P.15)
- Table 15. Recommended Operating Conditions—CPU Clock (clk_p) (P.16)


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