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Applying LPDDR2 on MX6DQ issues

Question asked by raymond wang on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by raymond wang

Recently we are trying to apply LPDDR2 on MX6DQ. There are some questions we need to know. Please help us if you has same experience.

1. How about LPDDR2 single channel or dual channel?

    We use an eMCP packged LPDDR2 chip from Samsung with PN KMK7X000VM. It including two internal LPDDR2 chips (two cs,128Mbx32,totally 8Gb).

    How can set mx6 MMDC controller? For our design, can use config it with single channel or dual channel freely?

   Any patch is welcome!


2.Currently our kernel version is 3.0.25 (android 4.2.2 1.1.0 based on). I think it does have LPDDR2 support in kernel mx6_mmdc.c and suspend/resume handling


  Any one has patch for linux kernel mx6q LPDDR2?