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heat issues with imx6 and QNX

Question asked by Varun P S on May 12, 2014



I am using an iMX6 Sabrelite board along with QNX BSP (version: BSP_freescale-imx6q-sabrelite_br-650_be-650sp1_SVN737078_JBN59 downloaded from


I see that the board is getting heated up very quickly.


Following are the tests and observations:

1. All the CPUs being idle most of the time. The 'top' indicated all the CPUs being 99.8% idle.

2. Killed almost all the processes running on the board, the heat issue still remains.

3. Downloaded the DVFS binary, and forced the board to operate at the lowest level. the heat issue still remains.


This issue is seen ONLY with QNX running on the board, and is not seen with Linux running on the board.


Has anyone in this community faced this problem?

Can anyone give me pointers to solve/debug this issue?





PS: Same question has been posted on the QNX community (