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Parallel NOR flash booting

Question asked by sekhar babu on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by sekhar babu

What changes needed in uboot - p1_p2_rdb.h file to boot from parallel NOR flash?


In my board, i defined LAWs for NOR flash as: size is 128MB, CS0, flash start address 0xf0000000

         0xff700C88      0x000F0000      ;LAWBAR4 : @0xF0000000

         0xff700C90      0x8040001A      ;LAWAR4  : NOR FLASH 128M


At present I am booting my board from SDcard, and programming u-boot.bin file (separately build for NOR) into NOR flash, removing SDcard and powering on. I could not see boot prompt.


I need help on parallel-NOR flash boot configuration settings for P1011 processor in uboot. I am using u-boot2009.11