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Native Pixmap structure for i.MX6/ Vivante GPU

Question asked by Binoy VV on May 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by Binoy VV

We are trying to port a client/ srever application from Pandaboard to i.MX6Q sabre AI. (I am using Yocto - gemini build)

Our logic is like client is using eglCopyBuffers to get the render buffer to native pixmap and sharing by shared memory (using shmat) with server. Server is using "eglCreateImageKHR" with the shared memory as buffer for client buffer.


We are stuck as we could not find pixmap structure that can be used with eglCopyBuffers for Vivante GPU.


Can somebody please share the structure for native pixmap or  guide us how to proceed with the same logic?