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I.MX28 Video playback slow issue

Question asked by ryan lee on May 11, 2014

Video playback is very slow on our i.mx28 prototype B/D.


We use the following modified to fit the LCD(480X272 16bit bus line).

This problem involves the following modification like this?


1. We had to chsge LCD bus line to 16bit from 24bit.

As in the attached source code...

---> in lcdif.h modification related LCD bus line at #210 ~ 224 line.

---> in lcd_43wvf1g.c modification related to backlight and LCD PROCH.


2. Our useing 480x270 LCD(X:480dot, Y:272 dot) but the value is x_res=272, y_res=480, it is correct to set?

and should always be bpp 32 value?


in lcd_43wvf1g.c #153 line


static struct mxs_platform_fb_entry fb_entry = {

          .name = "43wvf1g",

          .x_res = 272,

          .y_res = 480,

          .bpp = 32,

          .cycle_time_ns = 30,

          .lcd_type = MXS_LCD_PANEL_DOTCLK,

          .init_panel = init_panel,

          .release_panel = release_panel,

          .blank_panel = blank_panel,

          .run_panel = mxs_lcdif_run,

         .stop_panel = mxs_lcdif_stop,

         .pan_display = mxs_lcdif_pan_display,

          .bl_data = &bl_data,


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