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I.MX53 WINCE System Time Error

Question asked by larson on May 10, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I have a problem with the WINCE7 system, I use the i.mx53_MDK_mobility BSP.

We have test the software at the system, the tester find at a specific time the system will ahead or back one hour, We make a test application for test this problem, and find when at 2014-03-02 to 2014-03-08, As long as we restart the system, the system time shall back one hour, eg: display 9:00 before restart, and show 8:00 After the restart; but when at 2014-11-01, restart the system the system time shall ahead one hour, eg: display 9:00 before restart, and show 10:00 after the restart.

So, does anybody meet this situation or knows  how this situation come form,please tell me, thanks!!