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How to flash code freedom board (FRDM KL25Z) on linux platform

Question asked by Manish Baing on May 9, 2014

Hello all,

                  I am Manish .I have been working on open-source Embedded technologies on Linux platform since 2 years.Now  I have just started to learn about free scale freedom board .But I'm not able to flash (Load) same code take from this community using OpenSDA. Fllowing thing I have done successfully

1.I have installed Drivers of OpenSDA and verified for ttyACM0 port .

2.Went through Boot-loader mode of OpenSDA and found  "/media/BOOTLOADER" directory on Linux platform .

3.Compiled sample code given on this community and tried to copy main.srec to  "/media/BOOTLOADER"

  But expected output not got.


so please guide me

1.How to flash code freedom board (FRDM KL25Z) .

2.How to set  Debug Environment and how to debug

3.Is any utilities for flashing and Debugging available..?




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