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Running webserver on both K60 Ethernet and TWR-WIFI-AR4100

Question asked by chinniwhites on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by Carlos_Musich

I have TWR-K60D100M, TWR-SER, and TWR-WIFI-AR4100.  My goal is to use MQX to launch webserver on both the Ethernet port and Wifi at the same time.  From what I have been able to see, I do not see any example code that shows how to use both, its either one or the other.


To make matters worse, I cant get any of the Atheros demo projects to work properly.  Http_serv for example, will assign IP, say webserver is started, but is not pingable.  Web_hvac will run on Ethernet port just fine, but as soon as I set USE_WIFI to 1, I see “Invalid Device number” via serial port before shell starts to run and pings to device fail. 


Basically, I need an example that shows running webserver on both the Ethernet port and Atheros Wifi concurrently and help getting demo code to run properly.