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Issue with BitBurner

Question asked by Andrew Krenz on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by gusarambula

We are facing a new issue with the BitBurner Tool preventing us from programming the OTP (reading OTP bit is OK). This problem happens on IMX28_EVK board, and has been reported at link below but no resolution yet:

BitBurner | Freescale Community

Does BitBurner_1.0.6.0 have some known bug ? Or we need to follow any special wizard (step) to program the OTP in IMX287 ?

Here are the details/symptoms of this OTP write failure (see the 2 jpeg pictures attached)

   - We use the "imx_otp_tools.rar" package downloaded from Freescale website

   - Via USB0 port the bit burner (BitBurner_1.0.6.0) tool successfully detects IMX287 chip (see picture OPT_1).

   - We tried to program the ENABLE_SSP_12MA_DRIVE bit in HW_OCOTP_ROM7 register by clicking the button : write & lock, but it is not succesful ,  we can't write the new value to this register, and also any other OTP register has the same problem (See picture OTP_2)