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Creating a custom task to run at the start of the debugger (so you can add address offset when downloading file)

Question asked by Kyle Daruwalla on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2014 by Hui_Ma

Hi everyone


I am using a K70FN1M0VMJ12 Tower Module. When I try to program flash, I get an error about writing to the security area. It appears that offsetting by 0x500 fixes this issue. Unfortunately, from some simple test code, I found that I must be running the debugger in order for my code to run successfully (programming using the flash programmer then hitting reset doesn't work?). When I run the debugger, I get a similar error referring to the secure memory area. To resolve this, I created a custom RunAndDebug task that will erase the device, run a blank check on all sectors, program flash, and verify the write. I set my debug configuration to run this custom task instead of the standard one. I am getting a "Error downloading program". Below are the settings I used for the custom task:


Device: FTFE_PFlash1M0 (128Kx64x1)

Erase: Base Addr = 0x0

Blank Check: Base Addr = 0x0

Program and Verify: File Type = Auto; Addr Offset = 0x500


Any help on anything I mentioned is much appreciated!