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Why my sample project xBee doesn't compile ?

Question asked by Florian Guillemard on May 8, 2014
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I want to program on a xBee S2C module on CodeWarrior 10.2 and with the Programmable xBee SDK.

But I can't compile a sample project and I got that :

Invoking: HCS08 Compiler

"C:/Freescale/CW MCU v10.2/MCU/prog/chc08" -ArgFile"Sources/pan/zigbee/zigbee_zcl.args" -ObjN="Sources/pan/zigbee/zigbee_zcl_c.obj" "C:/Program Files/Digi/PXBee/v1.5/pxbee_api/1.5.5/src/pan/zigbee/zigbee_zcl.c" -Lm="Sources/pan/zigbee/zigbee_zcl_c.d" -LmCfg=xilmou

FATAL C50: Input file '-ObjN=Sources/pan/zigbee/zcl_client_c.obj' not found

I got this for a few files... I don't understand why cause I just followed this example :

Digi XBee® Examples & Guides | Step-by-step Tutorials for Implementing XBee® Wireless Modules in Electronics Projects


Thanks for your help!