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What are the valid color_key values for use in the mxcfb_color_key struct?

Question asked by Ernie Gremillion on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Ernie Gremillion

I'm playing video as a background to /dev/fb2 and filling /dev/fb3 with overlay as a foreground.  With local alpha enabled and my alpha buffer set to 0xFF, when I enable the color-key and set the color_key value to something like 0x000000 or 0xFF0000) it works exactly as I'd expect (that color becomes transparent and I see the background in that part of my screen).  However, if I set the color_key value to something like 0x646496 it doesn't work (no transparency).


Are there limits to the values that can be used for the color_key?  What color representation should I be using (it appears to be RGB 8/16, 8/8, 8/0 based on my experiments with values like 0x0000FF)?  Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Additional details: Doing this on a Nitrogen board, Yocto Dora.


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