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Problems with CW10.6 or Erich Styger updated PE components

Question asked by Tomas Mickus on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by Tomas Mickus

I have reinstalled Windows also with CW and Erich Styger component library both which were downloaded and installed on March 22, could someone say if Codewarrior version changed since then? Because i can't set two values in clock rate at SM1_SPIMaster component any more, clock rate parameter detail says "375kHz; 1 additional value in list:12MHz", before change it was "2 values in list", also SD card work only on 375kHz, it looks it can't accepts second value any more. It's frustrating, when something that worked, works no more. FRDM - KL25Z board.Even Erich Styger example with fatfs shows the same and don't work the same.No matter what frequency i choose for Mode1 in SM1_SPIMaster when i reopen it it writes the same numbers as Mode0.