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how can I set the phy_KSZ8041.c and phy_KSZ8041.h for RMII interface?

Question asked by Mehmet Ali Ipin on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Timesys Support

Dear community,


I have a custom Vybrid VF3x prototype board, which has a Micrel KSZ8081 ethernet PHY chip. I have added the phy_KSZ8041 .c and .h files to my projects' BSP in order to add the ethernet interface. I am using KSZ8081 which is very similar to KSZ8041(8041 has bot MII and RMII modes) in RMII mode.

Therefore, If I set the KSZ8041 .c and .h files to RMII mode, may be it will be enough to start RTCS protocols.


Please help me how can I set the KSZ8041 into RMII mode?


Thanks and best regards.


Mehmet Ali Ipin.