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Question asked by 千 浪 on May 5, 2014
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We are trying to integrate mipi lcd display( RGB24 720P) over our imx6q customized board.We uses the 4.1.0 bsp as our base.

Till now,I even can not get clock signal from DSI_CLK0P or DSI_CLK0M pin.I have ever used a 1080P MIPI LCD on other platform,as I known,when in lower speed mode(command transfer),CLK frequency is 10M and voltage is 1.2V,but I can not get it.From log,the driver can not read device id,the readed data is 0x00.

PS:I have used same driver file mxc_hx8369_wvga.c for our lcd lcd,and the timing structure is modified.

anyone can help me?