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Debugger selection on New Project Wizard?

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on May 4, 2014
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I have started using KDS, with the idea on using it for my Basic Programming Lab classes at the University, when the release version is available. In this course, FRDM boards are not the aim, but the media for teaching programming and interface concepts. As the students are new to the world of programming, they need a tool that is easy to use.


I noticed that, in the New Project Wizard, there is no debugger interface selection. In CW10, during the Wizard setup, the user can choose what debugger interface he or she wants to use. IN KDE Beta, after the project is built, the user has to create manually a new debug connection, which is described in the Quick Start Guide. This will be an extra step for my students, which will have to learn on how to add a debug connection, which is not one of the goals for this course. If they have to manually setup debug connection, they will lose precious minutes of a 2-hour class, where sometimes they create up to 3 different projects.


All this intro is just to explain the context for my question: will the New Project Wizard, on KDE release version, include this step of selecting the debugger connection? If the development guys have not considered it yet, think of it as a suggestion, because it would make the project creation a little faster. Of course, you could add an option of the type: "I will decide it later".