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About 1080p with LCD output on MX6Q

Question asked by Robbie Jiang on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by Daniel Schaeffer

I'm working with MX6Q Sabrelite board and the latest BSP Ltib3.0.25_4.1.0.

And I would like to have LCD output in 1080p ( i.e, 1920x1080) mode.

The MX6Q reference manual states that 1080p is supported by hardware.

However, with this BSP, I can have LCD output in 1024x768, but not in 1920x1080.


Seems that current BSP does not support 1080p LCD output.


Does Freescale has any plan to support LCD in 1080p?

Or anyone else has successful experience in driving LCD ouput in 1080p mode?