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Issues Running Codewarrior Debugger

Question asked by Trifon Tsioutras on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by rickli

I'm using Codewarrior Version 4.6 to program a 9S12C32 controller.  Some of the programs compile and run the debugger without issue.  But other programs generate an error message about communication issues.  The error message makes some general suggestions e.g. Codewarrior can't seem to communicate with the device, check the baud rate, check power to the board etc. 


It seems peculiar to me that some programs work an others don't.  From what I can tell from my investigations the error occurs when running start12.c.  But I'm unsure of the source of the problem.


Initially, I thought it may have been a problem due to program triggering the PLL.  However, I tried debugging a very basic program that toggles the output and it also has a problem.


Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.