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K60 and TWR-SER, cant get serial port to work.....................

Question asked by chinniwhites on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Tc Liew

I have a brand new K60D100M and TWR-SER.  I create new MQX application and enable the shell.  I compile and load code but nothing comes out of serial ports.  I tried with jumper at default on TWR-SER, did not work.  I think changed two jumper to use 50Mhz and to route 50Mhz to clockin, still nothing works.  This has got to be simple and some jumpers have got to be set wrong.  I took out the twr-ser from K60 tower and into K70 replacing fucntional twr-ser on that tower and it worked - so its not the card.


Please help.