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KDS Settings Issues

Question asked by Mark Butcher on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by Erich Styger

Hi All


I have ported a project previously used with CW10.5 to KDS and have had the following difficulites:


1. Builder Settings.

The build directory is set to ${workspace_loc:/project_name}/Project_Flash but this is not the location that it should be in for this system. CW10.5 allows the correct location to be set here but KDS has the field greyed out.
It can be set when "Generate Makefiles automatically" is disabled but gets set back to the unwanted default when the check boy is activated again.


2. It looks like the newer GCC version doesn't accepts asm() but needs __asm__() instead (not a problem but it had to be changed in the code)


3. Presently path variable are getting dropped when used in the tool settings. For example it is possible to use a linker script path such as "${ProjDirPath}/Project_Settings/script.ld" but if ProjDirPath is replaced by a valid path variable (eg. PROJECT_LOC, which is the same location) it results in the linker just receiving "-T /Project_Settings/script.ld" [the path variable has been completely lost].
This is presently requiring some absolute paths to be set, which is obviously an emergency solution.


4. The same as 3. is also true for post build steps. Here the variable ${ARM_GNU_TOOLS_HOME} is also getting dropped so the post build bat file doesn't know where the tool chain is.


5. I have seen that there is an option in KDS which was missing in CW10.x to set which output format is to be generated (eg. SREC or RAW binary). In many circumstance (eg. when outputs for boot loaders are generated) it is desired to have multiple format types. Since objcopy is used to convert from the axf to the desired output it may be more convenient to offer some check boxes so that multiple outputs can indeed be selected - otherwise a post build step is needed anyway.


6. In the Flash from File utility configuration there is no P&E support as there is in the standard debugger connection. Is there a method to use P&E types thsi way?