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MPC5200 Bestcomm Microcode definitions, documentation, details?!?

Question asked by jorgegustavson on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Pavel Chubakov

Hello all,


I am running an MPC5200 and have been working with the pre-built Bestcomm task microcode provided by Freescale in the board support package. Although there is a lot of hinting at the details of how these microcode instructions work, I have not yet found a precise and definitive reference for writing your own LCD and DRD microcode words. In fact, I have found very little, as if this were being kept secret!


Does anyone out there have a pointer to this information? I would like to write a very specialized DMA task to do several different types of transfers, using several different initiators, and modifying various memory mapped register locations in the process. I don't think I'll have much success, or be able to tap into the power of this engine, if I can't find something more than the usual, easily-found App Notes.


Many thanks in advance!



PS> I had posted this in the wrong forum area initially; this is hopefully the right place now.