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Atheros 4100 on K70?

Question asked by chinniwhites on Apr 30, 2014

I am trying to use Atheros 4100 on K70.  I want to host the same web pages I got running on Ethernet port using MQX on Atheros wifi.  I am running MQX 4.0.2 and have the Atheros 4.0.2 patch installed.


My first problem, is that there is no demo code made for k70.  What exact steps do i need to follow to get http_serv demo working on k70?


Next problem, the http_serv demo appears to only use the wifi interface to host webpages ignoring the Ethernet port interface completely - I want both Ethernet and wifi to display the same web pages.


I have been battling this for a month plus and getting no where fast.  Please help!


Attached is the project for which I tried getting this to work.  Setting HTTP_USE_ONE_SERVER to 1 compiles fine and runs on Ethernet port only - changeing value to 0 triggers code to try to use both and thats when I get into compiling issues.


Much thanks for any help....................................