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Another 'Device is Secure' Issue (Solved)

Question asked by Keith Smith on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by Keith Smith

I am writing this post to add one more conversation to the 'Device is Secure' issue.


I had an issue with "Device is Secure" message when programming a Tower Board K60F120M


When I downloaded using the debugger, I got 'Device is Secure' ... message. RAM configuration was fine.


I have read several posts on this issue.


One said to apply a patch to version 10.3 of CodeWarrior.

I'm running version 10.5. The patch doesn't apply.


Another said to check a box in Component diaglogue for mass erase.

I don't have this dialogue for the K60F120M board I'm using.


Finally, one post attached a program to check that the Flash security bits haven't been set, bricking the board.

Next to use Flash Programmer/Mass Erase, and this is supposed to cure the problem. Not for me.


I am able to use the Flash Programmer pulldown in CodeWarrior to 'Mass Erase' and 'Flash File to Target'. No errors.


I am using a P&E Micro Multilink FX device, version 7.09 firmware.


The P&E dialogue (enabled in advanced settings of the debug configuration), reports Error 18 - Programming Error.


How did I 'cure' the 'Device is Secure' error?


I found I had selected the wrong K60 processor when I created a new project.


Build a project with the correct part, no "Device is Secure" issue.