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CodeWarrior licensing and limitations

Question asked by Lo X on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by Fiona Kuang

What are the differences between the Special Editions/Suites of CodeWarrior and the evaluation versions of CodeWarrior?


The license and registration FAQ is a bit vague Licensing and Registration FAQ

>Freescale makes it easy to evaluate products by offering free trial versions that offer all features of the product to use for a specified time period. We also offer Special Editions for key Freescale architectures that offer limited feature tools that are free to use for all Freescale customers.


Is the "free to use" in the Special Editions perpetually as long as you comply to the e.g. code size limitations or are they also time limited e.g. 30 days?


On this page CodeWarrior Development Tools

the special edition is listed as a "free trial" version. Is that "free trial" perpetually or time limited as well as restricted with e.g. codesize?


Is a version of CodeWarrior offered for free perpetually (with or without limitations, not considering evaluations that are time limited)?