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Adding MinGW/GCC C++ build configurations to projects with HCS08 build configurations

Question asked by Greg Breen on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by Greg Breen

I'm a long time Eclipse user, but a CW noob.


I have 3 existing Barebone HCS08 C projects (1 static library, 2 applications that each link the library). I want to add a second build configuration to each project. I want these second build configurations to build GCC/MinGW static libraries for each of the projects.


These libraries will then be linked into a new 4th MinGW/GCC project to make CppUTest executables for on-host unit testing. This 4th project is C++ because of the test harness.


Ideally I'd like to add the new build configurations such that they compile the C code using g++ not gcc. This prevents mangled names from appearing in gcov coverage reports. It also means I can do a bit of C++ template magic for mocking hardware registers.


So anyway, long story short is that CW is only letting me add MinGW C configurations, not MinGW C++ configurations. I can create a new MinGW C++ project in the workspace no problem, but not add a MinGW C++ build configuration to an existing HCS08 Barebone project. I don't understand why, and can't figure out a way around it. Any ideas?