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Selecting a suitable i.MX6 development board

Question asked by Afzal Mohammed on Apr 29, 2014
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I have a requirement - a new WiFi device that can be connected through full size MMC/SD connector, needs to work in Linux on an i.MX6 platform. WiFi device also has an alternate mode of communicating through UART.


Hardware requirements on development board,

1. full size MMC/SD slot (for connecting WiFi device)

2. Another full size MMC/SD or microSD slot - for the card with images for booting

3. debug UART

4. UART with flow control capabilities (for WiFi device at higher speed)

5. at least one LED that can be controlled via GPIO



In software side, it would need to run DHCP, http server etc. on Linux, so may be an Ubuntu.


Please suggest an i.MX6 development board that suits above hardware requirements and on which software sources (& support) are available so that we can quickly start developing WiFi driver.


Note: I am new to Freescale things