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p1010 ETsec link up-down changing continuesly

Question asked by Yoav Bar Yoseph on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by alexander.yakovlev



we are trying to setup an  SGMII link from the p1010 (ETSEC 2 TBI) to the connected Marvell 88e1512 phy device.

The result of our configuration is that we see that the Copper side of the SGMII link is up and stable.

However the TBI link status is not stable - changes up-down continuously.


1. The same p1010 code executed on the p1010rdb and the result is a stable link up in the TBI.

2. It seems that the Marvell configuration is correct.

3. Configuration is for 100 MB without Auto Negotiation.


Any ideas what cause the link not to be stable?

How does the eTSEC determines if link is up or down?

Any specific power up sequence we should be aware about?


Thanks in advance for the support.