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Implement gyroscope on IMX6 device.

Question asked by blood job on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by blood job

Now we are developing one device like a smartphone base on design from imx6q- sabreSD kit. We are facing a problem with gyroscope sensor that: On IMX6 kit there is not gyrosensor hardware but on my device we are using l3gd20 chip to work as gyrosensor and my problem is we had driver of l3gd20 (l3gd20.c) from manufacture and added it to my kernel. It seem to worked because the axis data are readed into i2c register of l3gd20. but we can't read that data from these register to show up to android (like show up to one app sensor test on android).

i think my problem is on HAL layer(like gyrosensor.cpp, gyrosensor.h in link: myandroid/hardware/imx/libsensors/).i'm using android 4.2, Please give me some advice.