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i.MX53 SABRE Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) Command Prompt not working in iMX53_SMD_Mobility Project

Question asked by Kris Zawada on Apr 28, 2014
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I was able to successfully use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Platform Builder to build Fresscale i_MX53 SMD ARMV7 Release version of the iMX53_SMD_Mobility project.  I can take the eboot.nb0 and NK.nb0, program SD/microSD and boot the the OS image.


Now, when I select START (Windows logo) | Programs | Command Prompt I can see that WEC7 attempts to open this application, but if fails to start and I can't see the graphical part of this.  When I use terminal program to look at the debug output I can see the following (after launching a few times):


PID:0775003E TID:0776003E  PID:0775003E TID:0776003E Pocket CMD v 7.00

PID:0775003E TID:0776003E \PID:0775003E TID:0776003E >PID:0775003E TID:0776003E  PID:0606004A TID:07E40046  PID:0606004A TID:07E40046 Pocket CMD v 7.00

PID:0606004A TID:07E40046 \PID:0606004A TID:07E40046 >PID:0606004A TID:07E40046  PID:00EA03DE TID:06D7007E  PID:00EA03DE TID:06D7007E Pocket CMD v 7.00

PID:00EA03DE TID:06D7007E \PID:00EA03DE TID:06D7007E >PID:00EA03DE TID:06D7007E  PID:00E903A6 TID:075D0086  PID:00E903A6 TID:075D0086 Pocket CMD v 7.00

PID:00E903A6 TID:075D0086 \PID:00E903A6 TID:075D0086 >PID:00E903A6 TID:075D0086  PID:00ED02BA TID:07F40096  PID:00ED02BA TID:07F40096 Pocket CMD v 7.00

PID:00ED02BA TID:07F40096 \PID:00ED02BA TID:07F40096 >PID:00ED02BA TID:07F40096


Why is it that with the example project iMX53_SMD_Mobility provided by Freescale does not allow the Command Prompt to work?  Is this a memory limitation of some sort?  Is there anyway I can get additional information?