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PSWITCH left unconnected and DCDC issue

Question asked by Damien Gotfroi on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Damien Gotfroi

Hello all,


I use a IMX28 with an external +5V power supply. I don't have any battery connected.

So, can I leave PSWITCH unconnected or do I have to tie it to GND or other ?


Second question, since I don't use a battery, do I need to connect something to "Battery", "DCDC_BATT" and "VDD4P2" ?


I followed the schematic of the evaluation board and my shematic looks like that :


But "VBAT" is leave unconnected, so can I remove C1 to C10, R1 to R4, D1 and L1 ?


Many thanks