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stress tool does not working for imx6 solo with Lpddr2

Question asked by Venkatesh P on Apr 28, 2014
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     we are tested imx6solo with LPDDR2(NT6TL128M32AQ-G1) chip.During testing time we can set ARM core 1 GHz ,DDR size is 512 MB,DDR clock 400Mhz after that started the read write calibration ,that time calibration started line displayed and hanging.on probing the DDR clock ,clock is not coming. LPDDr2 32 bit bus width,14 row and 10 col.

       LPDDR2 maximum voltage level is 1.35 AND WE ARE GIVING 1.5 V.This is make an issue for this ddr2 booting.


How we can solve this one,Please check the attached script file for DDR2 stress tools.











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