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MQX   K70   TWR-LCD-RGB   EGUI testing problem

Question asked by myunggyu lee on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by myunggyu lee

hello i have a problem..


i using source at ///


at running, error at this line

d4d_low.c line:107  if(!D4D_LLD_TCH.D4DTCH_Init())


so i run debug mode / line by line, call stack is


d4dtch_cr_touch.c line:135


is not matched. so inside if logic, deinit called and return 0;


dig more , MultiReadBytes code is excuted,

mqx_iic.c , line : 388 _lwsem_wait(&lock);

-> lwsem.c , line: 805 if (sem_ptr->VALID != LWSEM_VALID)      is not matched. so MQX_INVALID_LWSEM is returned..


how can i fix this? help me