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KDS_1.0 Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 woes

Question asked by RodBorras Employee on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2014 by RodBorras

Well, I just upgraded my Linux machines to Ubuntu 14.04, and now KDS no longer works.


I suspect it is due to the fact that 14.04 no longer has the ia32-libs package. This package did exist for Ubuntu 12.04, and KDS did work identically to the Windows version, for me.


After changing/adding a lot of 32b packages, I did manage to get eclipse to run in 14.04, but the graphics looked terrible. I also tried converting the 64b RPM to a DEB file, but the results were the same.


At this point, I am reverting back to Erich's generic Kepler implementation from


I will come back to KDS once we have a 64b version with Linux debugging.