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imx6 ENET module ENET_RX_DATA & ENET_TX_DATA usage

Question asked by Anson Tiong on Apr 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by Sinan Akman

I'm Using Boundary Nitrogen6X Development board.

ENET connection is shown as below:

Physical  <==>  MII  <==>  MAC

KSZ9021RN is used in the design.


In the development board, RGMII_TD and RGMII_RD pins are connected to KSZ9021RN as data transfer pins.

BTW, ENET_RX_DATA & ENET_TX_DATA pins remains unused. What is the purpose of ENET_RX_DATA & ENET_TX_DATA in the ENET module?