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partition flash to EEPROM configuration K40x256

Question asked by Maria de los Angeles Peña Monroy on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Adrian Cano

Hi  people,


I am developing an application using  Kinetis K40x256cmd100 development board. I am trying to configure EEPROM from the flex memory available in the controller.

I have read the app note AN4282. But when I tried Program Partition, send me a error (ACCERR   bits[  5:5  ] = 1 No access error detected)...


someone can explain me?, if I need doing something before the partition?




This is my code, only partition comand



/* Write the FCCOB registers */

  FTFL_FCCOB0 = FTFL_FCCOB0_CCOBn(0x80); // Selects the PGMPART command

  FTFL_FCCOB1 = 0x00;

  FTFL_FCCOB2 = 0x00;

  FTFL_FCCOB3 = 0x00;

  FTFL_FCCOB4 = 0x39; /*subsytem A(16bytes) + B(16bytes)EEPROM Data Set Size (Bytes)*/

  FTFL_FCCOB5 = 0x05; /*Data flash 128Kbytes & 128 Kbytes to EEPROM backup size*/

  FTFL_FCCOB6 = 0;

  FTFL_FCCOB7 = 0;

  FTFL_FCCOB8 = 0;


  asm("CPSID i");


  asm("CPSIE i");