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Error reading Kinetis internal flash

Question asked by KELLY CARTER on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Carlos Neri

I have written a bootloader for a Kinetis K61FN1M0 using CW MCU 10.6 and Processor Expert.  Immediately after PE_low_level_init(); in main() I am calling a function that looks at some values at the top of the FLASH at location 0xFFF00.  I get an error when I hit the instruction shown below at 00009ca4 that causes the code to .jump to the PE_ISR(Cpu_Interrupt) routine.  Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?  The Memory window of the IDE shows the expected values are at the location I am trying to read.

47     pAppDef = (APPLICATION_DEF_PTR)__AppInfo__;

00009c98:   mov r3,#0xff00

00009c9c:   movt r3,#0xf

00009ca0:   str r3,[r7,#4]

48     if( pAppDef->InfoVersion != 0xFFFFFFFF )

00009ca2:   ldr r3,[r7,#4]

00009ca4:   ldr r3,[r3,#12]

00009ca6:   cmp r3,#0xffffffff

00009caa:   beq Check_App_CSM+0xf2 (0x9d46); 0x00009d46