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P3041 - Doubts about RCW Hard-coded (custom board)

Question asked by Rafael Coelho on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by lunminliang

How to get feedback about processor configuration via RCW Hard-Coded for P3041? I need test PCIe interface, so I'm use RCW Hard-Coded on the following way:


cfg_rcw_src[0:4] EncodingRCW Hard-Coded Configuration Options

Three (x2, x2, x4 PCI) Express at 2.5 GHz , 100-MHz ref clk, all agent mode; all cores in boot hold-off;

dual 4-pin UARTs enabled; platform ratio of 8:1; core PLL ratio of 14:1


I've got the following questions:

1 - How do I test of PCIe interface?

2 - How do release cores?

3 - RCW Hard-Coded provide interface for get feedback about configuration?


Can anyone help me with suggestions of ways to PCIe self-test?